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Prof. A. Fischlin is retired and no successor teaches his field

Continuing education is still supported in form of courseware. Our courseware has won the SEV Denzler Award and consists of self-sustained modules, which can be used independently from each other. They are all structured in the same way and describe the learning context, introduce the theoretical background, provide a learning program together with a tutorial, and contain problems and solutions. They are designed to support self-teaching and are therefore well suited for continuing education. All courseware is offered as freeware (courtesy ETH Zurich).


Last courses that offered the course material (Spring 2015):

Number Unit Lecturer
701-1420-00L Systems Ecology: Principles and Modelling  A. Fischlin,
H. Lischke
701-1422-00L Topics in Ecosystem Ecology  A. Fischlin,
P. D'Odorico,
C. Küffer Schumacher

Further information can be found on education on the Department of Environmental Systems Science website.

The former autumn semester course "Ökosysteme: Funktionen und Prozesse (für Fortgeschrittene)", taught by P.J. Edwards, H. Bugmann, and A. Fischlin is no longer offered.

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